Smartpump 2.0 Double Electric Breast Pump
Lansinoh’s newest and quietest double electric breast pump, the Smartpump 2.0 is designed for mom’s comfort. You can confidently and discreetly pump anywhere. The Lansinoh Smartpump 2.0 Double Electric Breast Pump is lightweight with an ergonomic carrying handle, which means...
Signature Pro® Double Electric Breast Pump with Tote Bag
COMFORTABLE & CONVENIENT. Make each pumping session as comfortable as possible with the Lansinoh® Signature Pro® Double Electric Pump with tote bag. Soft and flexible ComfortFit® flanges gently hug your curves and customizable pump settings allow you to adjust for comfort....
Manual Breast Pump
Our manual breastfeeding pump is comfortable, convenient and portable. The Lansinoh® Manual Breast Pump is ideal for occasional use at home or on the go. Switch easily between two pumping modes, Stimulation and Expression, to aid in let-down and maximize...
Silicone Breast Pump
Collect every precious drop of breastmilk with the Lansinoh® Silicone Breast Pump! Our Silicone Breast Pump creates a secure and comfortable suction to let you conveniently collect up to 4 ounces of extra breastmilk hands-free. More Information  Made from 100% soft...
Breastfeeding Essentials
One simple kit with products loved by moms and recommended by doctors. Great as a baby shower gift, this set includes everything a mom needs to start breastfeeding with confidence.
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