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Changes to Your Breasts While Pregnant

Changes to Your Breasts While Pregnant

In addition to your expanding belly, your breasts will continue to change throughout your pregnancy as they prepare to provide nourishment for your baby.


The soreness and tenderness you may have experienced in the first trimester will likely lessen, but you will probably experience a significant increase in size. Some women need to be fitted for a new bra several times throughout their pregnancy. When choosing a bra, avoid underwires as they can squeeze developing milk ducts and restrict blood supply. Many women also develop stretch marks on the breasts around this time as well.

Color & Appearance

You may have noticed a darkening of the areola and the appearance of little bumps. These tiny bumps are called Montgomery’s Glands and they are important in the breastfeeding process. They will secrete oil to keep your breasts healthy and discourage bacteria growth.


You may also begin to experience some leaking of colostrum as your breasts prepare to provide nourishment for your baby. Colostrum is the first milk that you provide for your baby, which contains antibodies and living cells to protect your baby against harmful viruses and bacteria. It is dense, thick, and yellowish in color.

If you do experience leaking, you may want use to nursing pads to protect your clothing.  Lansinoh® Ultra-Soft Disposable Nursing pads are perfect for pregnant women’s tender breasts, and will fit discreetly under your bra to absorb leaks and keep your skin dry. 

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