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Save time by pumping directly into the bag with Lansinoh's #1 selling breastmilk storage bags
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Lansinoh's #1 selling breastmilk storage bags are ideal for storing, freezing and protecting precious breastmilk. Built super strong, Lansinoh bags come with a double zipper seal to prevent leakage and reinforced double sealed side seams for ultimate protection. Presterilized for safe storage plus BPA and BPS free. Easy to use and saves time by pumping directly into the bag.

Pump directly into bags 2 ways:

1. Using Lansinoh breast pumps, attach bag to expression set and pump directly into bag.
2. Using most standard size pumps: Use the Lansinoh Pump Adapter to pump directly into bags. Adapter sold separately. Fits most Medela®, Ameda®, and Evenflo® pumps.

Key Features 

  • Super strong for storing, freezing and protecting breastmilk
  • Double zipper seal for ultimate protection
  • Reinforced double sealed side seams
  • Presterilized for safe storage, BPA/BPS free
  • Lay flat for fast freezing and thawing; Stand or lay flat for compact storage
  • Pump directly into Lansinoh breastmilk storage bags

What's In The Box

  • Breastmilk Storage Bags (quantity depends on amount purchased) 

1. Are the Breastmilk Storage Bags reusable?
No, the Breastmilk Storage Bags are not re-useable and are for one-time use only.

2. Are the Breastmilk Storage Bags recyclable?
Yes, the Breastmilk Storage Bags are recyclable. They fall under the #4 recyclable category which includes bags, merchandise bags, pharmaceutical, packaging, etc.

3. Can the Breastmilk Storage Bags be used after the expiration date? The Breast milk storage bags do not have an expiration date. It’s okay to save bags and use them with your next baby. As long as the bags are stored in a cool dry place such as a cupboard or closet, they will be perfectly fine to use with your next little one. Please be aware that older Lansinoh bags without the purple and white flower design were not designed for pumping directly into the bag.

4. How to best thaw a frozen Breastmilk Storage Bag.
When thawing your breastmilk, please remember to handle it as gently as possible to preserve all the valuable nutrients. Breastmilk frozen in the Breastmilk Storage Bags can be thawed in the refrigerator or at room temperature. You may also place the sealed bag in a bowl of warm tap water but never use extremely hot or boiling water on a stove top. Very importantly, do not microwave the milk to defrost, as this process may destroy nutrients in your milk and create “hot spots” that would be dangerous to your baby. We recommend freezing your milk by laying the storage bag flat because it makes the thawing process quicker and easier

5. Can you pump directly into the Breastmilk Storage Bags?
Yes! You can conveniently pump directly into your Breastmilk Storage Bags, compatible with your pump and or with our pump adapters and most other standard neck pumps*. Important, please ensure that you have Lansinoh’s latest updated bag, with white and purple flowers and a white line above the logo. *Compatible with most Medela, Ameda, Evenflow or other standard neck pumps.

6. What is the best way to store Breastmilk Storage Bag milk?
We recommend lying the storage bags flat to freeze them. You can put the breastmilk storage bags directly into the freezer but because plastic can sometimes stick to the freezer rack (especially if it is even slightly wet), we recommend placing the bags in some type of container or even a freezer Ziploc bag. That will also protect the bags from contact with other frozen items.

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