Signature Pro® Double Electric Breast Pump with Tote Bag

Make each pumping session as comfortable as possible with the Lansinoh® Signature Pro®.

COMFORTABLE & CONVENIENT. Make each pumping session as comfortable as possible with the Lansinoh® Signature Pro® Double Electric Pump with tote bag. Soft and flexible ComfortFit® flanges gently hug your curves and customizable pump settings allow you to adjust for comfort. You’ll be a pumping pro with the Lansinoh® Signature Pro’s intuitive and easy-to-use design.

Key Features

  • Portable and lightweight 
  • 3 pumping styles- Match baby's feeding patterns for maximum efficiency
  • 8 suction levels adjust for comfort
  • Unique, soft and flexible ComfortFit® flanges for ideal suction and comfortable pumping
  • Two-phase Technology: stimulation mode initiates milk flow and expression mode maximizes milk flow
  •  LCD Screen: back-lit display is easy to read and convenient for low light conditions such as the bedroom
  • Can be powered by the AC adapter (included) or 6AA batteries (not included)
  • Can be used to pump directly into Lansinoh® Milk Storage Bags
  • Hygienic closed system helps prevent milk backup into tubing for easier cleanup
  • Can be used as a single or double breast pump
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean
  • BPA and BPS free

What's in the box

  • 1 Lansinoh® Signature Pro® Double Electric Breast Pump
  • 2 Lansinoh® Breastfeeding Bottles (5oz)
  • 2 ComfortFit® flanges (25mm)
  • 2 flange bodies
  • 2 diaphragms
  • 2 diaphragm caps
  • 1 collar 
  • 1 NaturalWave® Nipple (Slow Flow)
  • 1 nipple cover
  • 2 storage lids
  • 2 white valves (+2 extra)
  • 3 connection tubes
  • 1 Y tubing connector
  • 1 tubing strap
  • 1 pump connector
  • 1 AC adapter
  • 1 tote bag
  • 1 instruction booklet

More Information

Feeling comfortable is important, especially when you are pumping day and night. As the number one brand in breastfeeding care products, Lansinoh® understands comfort. Unique, soft and flexible Lansinoh breast pump flanges hug your curves for the ideal suction and fit. And because every baby and mom are unique, 3 different pumping styles and 8 suction levels allow you to personalize your pumping sessions to match your baby’s feeding patterns for efficiency and comfort.

Can the Signature Pro® Double Electric Breast Pump be used with other brand bottles?
It is recommended to use the Lansinoh® breastmilk feeding and storage bottles with the Signature Pro® double electric breast pump, as they are designed to work together. Moms may also pump directly into the Breastmilk Storage Bags with the Signature Pro® for convenience and to save time.  

What other Lansinoh® products can be used with the Signature Pro®?
The TheraPearl 3-in-1 breast therapy packs can be used with the Signature Pro® as a complimentary pumping aid. Simply heat the pack according to the instructions, affix around the breast flange to encourage let-down and reduce time spent pumping.

The Simple Wishes hands-free pumping bra may also be used with the Signature Pro® pump. Not only does the pumping bra-free up moms’ hands during pumping sessions, but it also helps create a better seal for the pump flanges, improving suction.  

How often should the Signature Pro® Double Electric Breast Pump/components be replaced?
There is no specific timeline for replacement.  It is recommended to inspect the pump and accessories for wear and tear daily.  If any parts are cracked, misshaped, or no longer connect, it is recommended to discard them and replace them. 

Where can replacement parts for the Signature Pro® Double Electric Breast Pump be purchased?
Replacement parts are available from a wide variety of online retailers such as and

Are the Signature Pro® Double Electric Breast Pump and accessories dishwasher safe?
The accessories of the Signature Pro® Pump may be washed in the dishwasher, not the pump itself. The breast flange and bottle(s) may be cleaned on the top rack of the dishwasher or hand washed with dish soap and hot water. All other parts of the breastmilk expression set should be hand washed to prevent loss and extend their usefulness.  To clean the breast pump base, wipe with a damp cloth, using only water or mild soap. 

Can the Signature Pro® Double Electric Breast Pump accessories be sanitized in boiling water?
Yes, it is recommended to sanitize the pump accessories prior to first use, and regularly as needed during usage. Disassemble all parts and boil for 5 minutes. DO NOT boil the tubing, tubing connector or the pump base. Please be sure that there is ample water in the pot so that no portion of the accessories touch the bottom or the sides of the pot as this could cause them to melt.  Remove all parts from the water immediately after boiling. Completely air dry before assembly or next use.

Is the Signature Pro® Double Electric Breast Pump portable?
Yes, the Signature Pro® Double Electric Breast Pump is portable. It can be used with the A/C adapter, 6 AA batteries (not included), or the 9V car adapter (sold separately).  

Are Lansinoh® Bottles BPA-free?
Yes, the Lansinoh® bottles and NaturalWave® Nipples are BPA, BPS, and phthalate free.

What choice of settings does the Signature Pro® Double Electric Breast Pump offer?
The Signature Pro® Double Electric Breast Pump was designed to mimic the baby’s natural feeding pattern and includes two phases: ‘let-down’ and ‘expression’. The ‘let-down’ phase uses quick and short suction to initiate the milk flow, while the ‘expression’ phase maximizes milk flow through longer, deeper suction. In each of the two phases, moms can also adjust the suction strength.  The pump offers three different pumping styles to match baby’s individual feeding patterns and a choice of 8 different suction levels within each pumping style.

What is the difference between hospital strength and hospital grade?

Hospital strength is the term used to describe a breast pump that can reach at least 250 mmHG of suction, which is the standard for pumps used in the hospital. Both the Lansinoh Signature Pro and Smartpump 2.0 have adjustable hospital strength suction that both meets this 250mmHG required range.

The meaning of the term hospital grade depends on who is using the term. Healthcare providers such as nurses and lactation consultants that work in hospitals use hospital grade to describe a pump that has been clinically validated to establish and maintain a breastmilk supply. These pumps are used with patients who need to pump breastmilk for their sick or preterm babies. They are designed to be very durable, so they may be used for several years by a large number of patients. These pumps are usually not sold in stores or available through insurance. They are typically larger and bulkier than personal pumps, and they can cost thousands of dollars.

You may see some personal pump brands describe their pumps as “hospital grade”. However, these pumps have not been clinically validated and are generally only considered appropriate for single-user, personal pumping.

Signature Pro® Double Electric Breast Pump with Tote Bag
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