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Helping Your Partner Bond with Baby

Dad bonding with baby

When you have a little one at home, many partners, friends, and family members are desperately looking for opportunities to help, but feel a little lost on where to begin. Here are 4 ways they can bond with baby:

1. Skin-to-skin contact. This has tons of benefits for both your partner and your baby! To get started, have your partner unbutton or remove their shirt, and place the baby directly against their chest, holding baby in an upright position. Your baby will be soothed by the warmth of their body and the sound of their heart beating, and they'll both enjoy the extra snuggles.

2. Talk or sing, read books, give them a bath. Really the only thing your partner can't do is breastfeed. Everything else – from comforting crying babies to playing to changing diapers — is a win, win!

3. Go for a walk! If the weather cooperates, have your partner and baby go out for a walk for some extra bonding time while you rest.

4. Enjoy late night snuggles. Extra hands at night can be so helpful. If baby is in a separate room or the bassinet is out of reach from the bed, have your partner bring them to you in the middle of the night. They can also put the baby back to sleep after the night time feed.


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