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Introducing Finger Foods to a Breastfed Baby

Baby eating finger foods

When baby is using their pincer fingers (thumb and forefinger coming together), they may be ready to try finger foods! The key to introducing finger foods to baby is safety – you want everything to be small and soft. You also don’t want to give them too many pieces at once, in case they put everything in their mouth without chewing and swallowing.

Sit your baby in a high-chair and scatter four to five pieces of food onto their tray. Sit back and watch the adorableness begin!

Here are some starter foods (everything should be cut into small pieces, no larger than a Cheerio®):

-small puffed cereals



-very soft, cooked vegetables liked sweet potatoes, carrots, or broccoli

-tiny pieces of soft breads

-well-cooked (soft, not al dente) piece of pasta noodles

-pieces of cooked chicken or other soft meats

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