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Favorite Games and Activities for the Older Infant

Baby playing with toy

Overnight, your baby can feel more like a toddler and less like a baby. Around 10 months, their personalities really start to come out and your little person is ready to be entertained in a new and engaging way. Here are some fun games and activities for older infants to keep you and your partner engaged with your growing baby:

  • Stacking – And not just blocks! Big chunky blocks (not the small ones that could be choking hazards) are great at this age, but stacking items in the pantry can be just as exciting.
  • Emptying Bins – This activity for older infants also helps teach the principles of cleaning up. Find bins and baskets and fill them with toys. Take out the toys, put the toys back in, take out the toys, put the toys back in. Repeat.
  • Crawling – Crawl in circles around an ottoman. Push cars around the house. We love turning crawling into a multi-tasking opportunity: crawl around baseboards and wipe them down as you move.
  • Sounds – As baby starts babbling and imitating sounds, give them some fun noises to copy. Make high pitched sounds, like you’re warming up your voice to sing. Blow bubbles. Smack your lips together. Say long, drawn-out “oooohs” and “aaaahs” and see if you can get baby to echo you.
  • Water Play – If you don’t mind getting the kitchen or bathroom floor a little wet, water play can provide countless hours of entertainment. Fill up measuring cups and spoons. Take turns dumping water on baby’s hands and mommy’s hands. Splash in deep pots or bins filled up with just an inch of water. Make it extra fun by adding bubbles to the mix.
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