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Get Your Free Medicaid Breast Pump: How to Receive a Free Pump Through Insurance

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Breastfeeding is a unique bonding experience for mom and baby, and many moms also want to get a breast pump to enjoy the extra benefits of a flexible feeding routine. Pumping allows you to build up a stash for when you return to work, want to run errands, or have that night out with friends or your partner.

Breast pumps don’t just offer flexibility, they are beneficial when dealing with milk supply issues, clogged milk ducts, and infections like mastitis. Given the unexpected turns life can take for new moms, keeping a breast pump handy helps you be prepared for any bumps in the road breast feeding may encounter.

Will Medicaid Pay for My Breast Pump?

If you have health coverage through a Medicaid plan, you may want to know if you have breast pump coverage. In most cases, the answer is yes!

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), insurance plans including Medicaid are now required to cover the cost of a breast pump. There are a few stipulations to the rules, but for the most part, many will be eligible for a free breast pump through their insurance providers. If you have Medicaid, our guide will make it easy to find and order your free insurance breast pump.

Medicaid plans vary by state, but most of these plans will cover an electric breast pump. There are a few ways to check your coverage. You can call your insurance provider to find out how to qualify for a free breast pump or find your preferred online supplier to determine your eligibility.

What Breast Pumps does Medicaid Cover?

Your breast pump options will vary according to your Medicaid plan, the state you live in, and the supplier you choose. Don’t be afraid to check multiple suppliers to compare available breast pump models. Each supplier will carry different brands and models, and you may find your ideal pump through one supplier and not another.

Two of the most popular breast pumps that may be covered by your Medicaid plan are the Smartpump 2.0 Starter Set and the Signature Pro® Double Electric Breast Pump.

These breast pumps are portable and lightweight, allowing for a comfortable pumping experience both at home and on the go. With ComfortFit® flanges and customizable suction settings, you can match your baby’s feeding pattern to ensure maximum milk expression.

How Can I Get My Breast Pump through Medicaid?

Take these simple steps to find out whether you qualify for a free breast pump through Medicaid or any other medical insurance provider:

        1. Visit the
Lansinoh Insurance Locator
      2. Select your current state and insurance provider from the drop-down menu
      3. Select your preferred breast pump supplier
      4. View and compare available Lansinoh breast pumps
      5. Select your pump and continue through the verification process to receive your free breast pump through Medicaid
      6. Submit your order and let your supplier handle the rest

Do I need a prescription to get a free breast pump?

Yes, in most cases you are required to submit a prescription in order to receive your free breast pump through Medicaid. However, this process may look a little different (and easier) than what you’re expecting.

Most times, you’ll never have to deal with handling the prescription or paperwork to get your free Medicaid breast pump. The Lansinoh Insurance Locator tool makes getting your breast pump through Medicaid one of the simpler items to check off of your baby prep “to-do” list.

After using the tool to choose a supplier and breast pump, the website will prompt you to submit more detailed information including:

  • Insurance plan details
  • Name and shipping address
  • Expected due date
  • OBGYN’s office details

The supplier will verify the information with your doctor before shipping your breast pump directly to your home.

Many insurance plans will require you to be at a certain stage of your pregnancy before finalizing and shipping your chosen breast pump. This is usually done between 30 weeks of pregnancy and the time of delivery. If you deliver your baby before you receive your pump, simply call your supplier to streamline the process. The hospital where you deliver should have access to a breast pump you can use during your stay, if needed.

How Do I Decide Which Free Breast Pump Is Right For Me?

Choosing a breast pump can feel intimidating, especially if you’ve never used one before. There are many factors that come into play when deciding what type of breast pump is right for you.

Consider how often you’ll need to use the breast pump. Some mothers plan to stay at home with their baby for an extended period and choose to only pump occasionally. Or you may know that you’ll be returning to work or school and will spend a good chunk of your time pumping milk for your baby while you're away.

Either way, finding an efficient pump that has powerful suction is probably at the top of your list — and for good reason! Some other top must-haves for many mothers on the hunt for the perfect breast pump are:

  • Portable and lightweight: Making it easy to pump from any location
  • Versatile settings: Allowing you to customize your pumping sessions
  • LCD screen: Easier pumping experience in low-light conditions (hello nighttime pumping sessions)
  • Multiple power options: Models with both AC adapter and battery options allow you to pump from virtually anywhere
  • Single or Double option: Pump from one or both breasts at the same time
  • Quiet and discreet: Loud office pumping sessions are a thing of the past

Choosing the best breast pump comes down to your lifestyle. Consider where you’ll be pumping, how often you’ll be pumping, and whether you're looking for a pump you can take on the go.

Can I Get A Breast Pump If I Already Delivered?

Yes, in most cases you can still get a free breast pump through Medicaid during your postpartum period. If you’ve already delivered your baby and haven’t received a breast pump through insurance, you can go through the same process as any expectant mother.

Visit the Lansinoh Insurance Locator tool to find a supplier and submit your breast pump request today.

Will Medicaid Cover A New Breast Pump With Each of My Pregnancies?

Most insurance plans will cover a new breast pump for each new full-term pregnancy. Check with your health insurance plan to find out whether you're eligible for a new pump.

Can I Get a Free Breast Pump Through WIC?

WIC is a public nutrition program that provides support to low-income women, infant, and children who may be at risk for nutritional deficiencies. WIC programs help provide families with important nutrients and help support healthy behaviors through childhood.

WIC can help provide a breast pump and breastfeeding support to families in need. When insurance doesn’t cover a breast pump or in cases where you may not have insurance, many WIC offices have resources to provide a single-user manual or electric pump to mothers. If you’ve already delivered and are waiting for your free breast pump through insurance, WIC may be able to loan you a pump while you wait to receive your free pump through the mail.

If you’re attempting to receive a free WIC breast pump, they may ask to verify your insurance plan to ensure you’re not eligible for a breast pump through your provider. If you are eligible through insurance, they’ll help you submit a claim. If not, WIC can provide a loaner breast pump or a free breast pump to keep.

Most WIC locations offer breastfeeding support to mothers throughout all stages of the nursing journey, from birth through the process of weaning your baby. Visit your local WIC office to find out what resources are available in your area.

What other Breastfeeding Resources Should I Know About?

Breastfeeding is one of the most rewarding experiences of motherhood, but it doesn’t come without challenges. Most nursing mothers need support throughout their journey, regardless of whether they have breastfed in the past.

Every baby has a unique feeding style, schedule, and preferences. Whether you need help preparing to pump milk before returning to work, increasing your breastmilk supply, or learning how to bottle feed expressed breastmilk to your baby — Lansinoh’s Comprehensive Educational Library is filled with resources to make your breastfeeding journey an experience you’ll cherish!

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