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The all-purpose beauty cream hiding in your diaper bag

The all-purpose beauty cream hiding in your diaper bag

"My husband stole my nipple cream!" Our friend Louise from Mama Bean Parenting dishes on lanolin.


All eyes turned to the mom in the corner, gently rocking her baby as she handed her toddler a plastic frog. It was a Friday morning at toddler group and in between negotiating turn taking and reminding the little ones to throw balls and not books, a group of us were discussing various 'rescue' products for chapped lips.

"Seriously, he has it stowed away in his car," this mom continued, "but his lips are mighty smooth!"

What followed was nothing short of a confessional, where each of us admitted to how we use the little purple tube tucked safely away inside our diaper bags. I'm talking about lanolin, but you already knew that, as the very mention of a purple tube will make most breastfeeding moms nod in understanding.

There was Foot Mom, who used it to smooth rough heels and damaged cuticles.

Then there was Nose Mom, who used it to soothe the skin under her nose during a cold.

Not forgetting Swim Mom, who used it on the whole family as a moisturizing pick-me-up after a day at the pool.

And lastly there was Brow Mom, who used it as part of her beauty routine every morning to shape her eyebrows, "it's just as good and so much cheaper than regular brow creams," she reasoned.


Since Lansinoh's beginning, fifteen years ago, moms have been using this 'wonder product' long after the cracks and soreness of their early days of breastfeeding have eased.  The main reason this product is so effective comes down to its molecular structure:


"Lanolin has moisturizing and softening properties and its molecular structure is incredibly close to that of the oils naturally produced in our skin. Our Lanolin takes it one step further.  We use an intensive and proprietary refining process to make a 100% natural, single ingredient, completely hypoallergenic wonder product that is so pure it doesn’t even need to be removed before breastfeeding." - Lansinoh


It's clear that the small but mighty purple tube has become a go-to product for most of us, but this 'miracle cream' is not just a new and fleeting fad. Lanolin has been used for thousands of years as a health and beauty product, and not just as a saviour for cracked nipples.


The good news is that nowadays, it's easily accessible and conveniently packaged.  In fact the best news is that Lansinoh now make lanolin minis in a three for the diaper bag, one for the bathroom cabinet and one for the husband, of course.


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