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What to Have in Your Pump Bag

What to Have in Your Pump Bag

Pumping moms may not need everything in the diaper bag when they head out the door, but even the shortest of trips requires a pumping bag checklist.

It helps to have a packing routine, so you don’t leave parts behind. Here are some suggestions from pumping moms on what to pack in your breast pump bag for work, school, and everywhere else:

  • Your breast pump
  • All the parts you will need to pump - complete collection kit including flangesvalves, diaphragms, tubing, and A/C adapter or batteries
  • Clean pump bottles (one for each pumping session plus one) with lids or storage bags
  • Cooler bag and ice packs to store and transport your expressed breast milk
  • Wet hand wipes
  • Extra clothing, such as a top or sweater, in case of leaks
  • Extra nursing pads
  • Plastic, sealable bag to hold wet or used pump parts
  • Snacks and lunch, including high protein healthy foods and drinks to keep you hydrated.
  • A photo of your baby or even one of their little onesies so you can be reminded of them when you pump. This can help with let-down and the disconnected feeling you may have while pumping.

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