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How Can I Donate My Breastmilk?

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If you are pumping more breastmilk than you need for your family, you may want to consider donating it. Donating breastmilk is a personal choice, but it is a great service if you are willing and able to do it and can help so many babies in need.

Lansinoh recommends that women considering breastmilk donation look to the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA) for detailed information and donation guidelines. We support HMBANA because they provide SAFE, PASTEURIZED donor milk and have a thorough screening process for their donors. HMBANA donations serve many NICUs across North America, helping some of the babies that need the nutrients the most. Use the HMBANA website to find a milk bank near you.

If you are looking for donations, keep in mind that person-to-person donations can be risky. Recent studies on donor milk found that donations weren’t always what they seemed – the majority of donations had cow’s milk, formula, or water added to the breastmilk, and some donations weren’t breastmilk at all. Strangers can be dishonest about their lifestyle, diseases, and results of blood tests and it is important to go to a reputable source for donated breastmilk.

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