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Breastfeeding Twins and Pumping

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One of the biggest concerns when it comes to breastfeeding twins is “will I produce enough breastmilk for both babies?” For some moms this is a reason that it is recommended to pump after breastfeeding your twins.

If your babies have been born premature, and are required to spend some time in the neonatal intensive care unit, you will most likely be encouraged to pump as much as possible. With everything else going on this may seem overwhelming at first, but this will help to establish your breastmilk supply, while your babies are too premature to nurse at your breast, and it will allow you to provide expressed breastmilk to feed your twins. Feeding this breastmilk to your twins is one of the key factors in helping the hospital staff support your babies as they grow stronger.

Because many moms give birth to twins via C Section, their mature milk may be delayed coming in, and they may struggle to establish a good supply if babies are unable to feed at the breast. Talk to your babies’ healthcare team about having skin-to-skin time with babies even if they aren’t yet feeding at the breast. It’s not only beneficial to your milk supply, but also helps babies feel better too.

If possible pump directly after these skin-to-skin sessions. Once your babies are able to feed at the breast you can help boost your supply by pumping after each breastfeeding session. Every person’s situation is different – you may have a lot or limited help from others, and you may have older children to care for. To figure out how much time to dedicate to pumping to increase your supply, be sure to find the approach that works best for you and your situation.

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In addition to increasing your milk supply, there are other benefits to breastfeeding and pumping for your twins – the pumped milk will also come in handy if you are planning to head back to work. Not only will you have built up extra milk for your caregiver to feed your twins but pumping while at work will keep up your supply and produce the milk you will need for the next day.

There is a good chance that your twins may have different feeding styles. One may get full faster and the other may have a stronger latch. Because of this there is a possibility that you may feel a little lopsided at times. If this happens, it may be helpful to pump the more full breast after breastfeeding to drain it properly. This can prevent discomfort and other complications.

Although the thought of breastfeeding twins can be a little overwhelming, very quickly you will find what works with your babies. You will know how often and how long to pump and be able to adjust according to your routine, your babies need and your lifestyle.

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By Joanna Venditti – Nesting Story

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