Soothies Gel Pads (2 count)

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Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads provide instant cooling relief from cracked, painful or sore nipples so moms can continue to breastfeed. The pads can be stored in the fridge to enhance cooling.

Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads provide an instant cooling relief to soothe and heal sore nipples so moms can continue to breastfeed. The gel pads are safe, absorbent, and can be reused for up to 72 hours. They come with a fabric backing to help protect sensitive nipples from rubbing against clothing. Made from glycerin, Soothies Gel Pads are vegan.

Key Features 

  • Soothes, relieves & helps heal sore nipples
  • Instant, cooling pain relief
  •  Fabric backing protects nipples from friction
  • #1 selling gel pad for breastfeeding moms 

What's In the Box 

  • 2 Soothies® Gel Pads 


How often should I replace Soothies Gel Pads?
Each set of pads can be used for up to 72 hours. Use of Soothies Gel Pads therapy should not exceed three weeks. If condition persists, seek the advice of a breastfeeding specialist 

How do I store my Soothies Gel Pads when not in use? 
Utilize the storage tray included in package. The Soothies Gel Pads can be placed in the refrigerator for additional cooling. 

Is it dangerous to use Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream with Soothies® Gel Pads?
We do not recommend using lanolin with Soothies Gel Pads because they are both designed to promote soothing relief.  If the surface is too moist, maceration can occur.  However, if there is residual lanolin on your breasts while using Soothies, do not be alarmed.  No reactions will occur with the glycerin and the lanolin.

Are Soothies Gel Pads recyclable?
No, Soothies are not recyclable.

Can I use Soothies Gel Pads when I have mastitis?
No, Soothies are not intended to be used as a treatment for mastitis.

Can I heat Soothies Gel Pads?
No, it is not advisable to heat Soothies Gel Pads. Applying a heated gel pad could result in a burn and that could exacerbate any existing soreness or pain you may be experiencing. 

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