Postpartum Wash Bottle


This upside-down wash bottle provides a gentle stream of water for easier postpartum care and more comfortable bathroom trips. Simple, safe, and backed by research and guidance from experts.

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Postpartum Wash Bottle

Backed by research

Designed for postpartum use

Longer cleansing

No need to refill mid-use with 12.2oz bottle


With collapsible spout & travel bag

Easy to use

Ergonomic bottle design

Gentle cleansing and comfort

Use for gentle, hygienic cleansing of sore, tender areas and to dilute urine for more comfortable bathroom trips. Large 12.2 oz bottle provides continuous water stream without the need to refill during use.

How to use

Spray a steady stream of warm water during urination for soothing comfort. Use for gentle cleansing as needed. For external use only. Easy to clean after each use with soap and warm water.

What’s in the box

12.2 OZ Peri Wash Bottle & travel bag for easy storage and portability



  • Is the Lansinoh® Postpartum Wash Bottle reusable?

    Yes, the Postpartum Wash Bottle is reusable. After use, follow the cleaning instructions and allow to dry before storing.

  • When should I start using the Lansinoh® Postpartum Wash Bottle?

    You can start using the Wash Bottle immediately post birth when using the restroom, or anytime you want to gently cleanse the perineal area.

  • How long can I use the Lansinoh® Postpartum Wash Bottle?

    You can use the Postpartum Wash Bottle for as long as you would like. After recovering from childbirth, you may find your Wash Bottle is still useful as a portable bidet.

  • What Should I put in the Lansinoh® Postpartum Wash Bottle?

    Fill the Wash Bottle with warm water for gentle, soothing cleansing. Please use as directed and consult your physician with any additional questions.

  • How much water does the Lansinoh® Postpartum Wash Bottle hold?

    The Wash Bottle can hold 12.2 fl oz or 360ml.

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