Organic Nipple Balm


100% USDA Certified Organic. This natural, plant-based remedy has been handcrafted to care for tender nipples and dry skin. Safe for baby and specially designed for breastfeeding, with no smell or taste.

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Organic Nipple Balm
100% USDA certified organic
#1 brand recommended by moms and doctors
No petroleum, parabens, or preservatives
No animal testing


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  • Who is Organic Nipple Balm Recommended for?

    Organic Nipple Balm is a natural plant-based remedy designed to care for breastfeeding moms’ tender nipples & dry skin. It can also be used during pregnancy to relieve dry, stretching skin.

  • Is Organic Nipple Balm Certified Organic? Who certifies this product?

    Yes, Organic Nipple Balm is certified 100% USDA organic by QAI

  • Where can the Organic Nipple Balm be purchased?

    Our Organic Nipple Balm is currently available online, on, and

  • Are the ingredients in Organic Nipple Balm completely natural?

    Yes, Organic Nipple Balm is 100% natural.

  • Is Organic Nipple Balm hypoallergenic?

    Yes. We have conducted testing that confirms our organic nipple balm is hypoallergenic.

  • Is Organic Nipple Balm suitable for vegetarians?

    Yes, Our organic nipple balm is suitable for Vegetarians and handcrafted from plant-based, herbal ingredients.

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