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How to Setup your Lansinoh Wearable Pump

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Here are a few most popular questions what other mom's have asked

The Lansinoh® Wearable Pump easily slips into your bra to pump hands-free with no cords or tubes. The Wearable Pump expresses and collects your breastmilk right inside the pump allowing you to multi-task or move around without being tethered to a wall.

No! You don’t need to wear a pumping or breastfeeding bra to pump with the Lansinoh® Wearable Pump. Just simply slip the Wearable Pump into your regular bra to enjoy pumping freedom.

The Lansinoh Wearable Pump includes 4 flange size options: 21mm, 25mm, 28mm, 30.5mm. Follow our Flange Fit Guide to learn more how you can find your flange size.

We designed the Lansinoh Wearable Pump for both comfort and strength to maximize milk expression and collect every precious drop. Our Wearable Pump has adjustable strength suction that can reach up to 280mmHG which is comparable to a traditional double electric breast pump. Our Wearable Pump offers the same performance with the convenience of hands-free pumping without you having to compromise your milk supply.