Summary: Survey of UK-Based Mothers on HPA Lanolin and Breastfeeding Outcomes

The Correlation Between HPA Lanolin and Breastfeeding Outcomes: A Study Summary


An online survey conducted over a one-month period in 2020 collected data on the breastfeeding outcomes of UK-based women. Data was obtained from 1,084 women who had all given birth to their youngest child within the last 24 months, initiated breastfeeding, and had recently completed their breastfeeding journey. Respondents were obtained from a specialist UK young family panel via their standard processes which includes adherence to Market Research Society guidelines and GDPR standards. The survey questions, survey structure, data analysis and interpretation were derived and performed by the authors; and the online survey was hosted by a specialist research agency.

Of the 1,084 women, 739 women (or 68%) reported that they experienced physical issues relating to breastfeeding. Of these 739 women, 554 (or 75%) experienced general nipple tenderness/soreness. 171 women used HPA Lanolin as their primary intervention. Those respondents who used HPA Lanolin as their primary solution were able to breastfeed an additional 7.3 weeks on average compared to those who did not (33.5 weeks compared to 26.2 weeks).

The use of HPA Lanolin as a primary solution was associated with a substantial increase in breastfeeding duration, which ultimately improved overall breastfeeding outcomes.


Source: Bourdillon, Katie & McCausland, Tom & Jones, Stephanie. (2020). Latch-related nipple pain in breastfeeding women: the impact on breastfeeding outcomes. British Journal of Midwifery. 28(7):406-414.

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