Breastfeeding & Pumping

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Keeping Frozen Breastmilk Safe During Power Outages

Power outages during a storm can be stressful. But if you are a nursing mother and have frozen milk, it can be... read more

3 min read

Smoothie Recipes for Lactation Support

One of the top questions we get from moms is “how can I build and keep a strong milk supply?” We know... read more

3 min read

Breast Care During the Early Days of Breastfeeding

Here are six of our top breast care tips, as well as some of our first time mom breastfeeding essentials, to help... read more

4 min read

Breastfeeding and Pumping Moms Need More Support

Just as moms are learning the ropes of new parenthood, it may be time to return to work. As one of just... read more

8 min read

Breast pump flange fit: Sizing guidance

So you have a breast pump and are on your way to expressing milk for your little one. Maybe you’ve already even... read more

4 min read

Using FSA Funds to Purchase Breastfeeding Supplies

A brand-new baby is an exciting time for you and your family! It can also come with some extra costs, but there... read more

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Top Breastfeeding Articles

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Pregnant mom sitting on the couch holding belly

Every breastfeeding mom's experience is unique. Yet, many women have similar questions and common concerns. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked more

6 min read

Mom wearing wearable pump, mom wearing double electric breast pump, mom wearing manual pump

We’ve summarized the different types of pumps and their pros and cons to help you more

5 min read

Mother feeding baby breastmilk

Increasing milk supply is on the mind of a lot of breastfeeding moms — in fact, it’s one of our most frequently... read more

6 min read

Mother Power Pumping for more milk

The idea behind power pumping is to trick your body into producing more milk by rapidly emptying the breasts. It replicates what... read more

2 min read