• Lansinoh breastfeeding products displayed on a countertop with a draped beige backdrop.
  • Person holding a bottle of Lansinoh herbal postpartum spray.
  • Hands holding a transparent foot-smoothing file over a leg.
Breastfeeding supplies including a purple manual breast pump, spray, and soothing gel pads.
Person in a pink robe holding a purple shampoo bottle near a bathtub.
Person holding a bottle of Lansinoh Herbal Postpartum Spray.
Hands holding a transparent ice pack over a leg.

3 postpartum must-haves for your hospital bag

Have you checked out our Postpartum Care Kit at Target? You'll find our fan-favorite Postpartum Wash Bottle, Herbal Postpartum Spray, and Postpartum Padsicles all together.







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Postpartum Care & Recovery Kit


Postpartum Wash Bottle: Gentle cleansing

Herbal Postpartum Spray: Soothing care

Pre-made, ready to freeze Postpartum Padsicles to cool and soothe a sensitive, aching perineum

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New moms need care, too

Postpartum Wash Bottle

Herbal Postpartum Spray

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Postpartum Padsicles

Curated bundle of products to fit that new baby budget

You’ll be recovery-ready with three postpartum must-haves in this convenient bundle.

Wooden paper towel holder and a blue nasal aspirator on a wooden background.


Cleanse & soothe

Forget toilet paper and messy squirt bottles. Our Postpartum Wash Bottle provides a soothing stream of water to gently cleanse sore, tender areas after birth.

Herbal postpartum spray bottle surrounded by delicate white flowers on a beige background.


Soothe & calm

After cleansing, soothe and calm with our drug-free, plant-based Herbal Postpartum Spray. An upside-down sprayer allows for easy, mess-free application.

A sealed Lansinoh gel pad for breastfeeding on a cloth with flowers.


Cooling relief

Pre-made, ready to freeze Postpartum Padsicles are infused with a soothing blend of organic aloe vera and witch hazel to cool and soothe a sensitive, aching perineum


When will I need the Postpartum Wash Bottle?

Is the Herbal Postpartum Spray clinically tested?

How are Lansinoh Postpartum Padsicles different from DIY padsicles?