Lansinoh® Baby 2.0

Intuitive. Insightful. Connected.

Become a Pumping Pro with Baby 2.0

A connected pumping solution with the Smartpump and Smartpump 2.0. See all your pumping history and set reminders with this breast pumping app. Gain insights on your baby’s feeding and diaper activities. Record and track your breastmilk production. The Lansinoh Baby App setup guide teaches you everything you need to know from how to adjust the customizable settings to finding the perfect flange size. And it’s effortless, automatically connects to the Smartpump or Smartpump 2.0 via Bluetooth®. Free and available for Android® and iOS.

How easy is that?


Seamlessly connects to your Smartpump 2.0 via Bluetooth® to automatically track your pumping sessions.


Personalized dashboard with all of you and your baby’s important information. Insights at a glance.

Gracefully transition to pumping with your pumping guide. Baby 2.0 shows you each step from let down mode to flange fit to saving your settings with the pump memory.

Lansinoh keeps your data private. Learn more here.

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