LatchAssist® Nipple Everter

Lansinoh® LatchAssist® Nipple Everter gently draws out flat or inverted nipples, making it easier for baby to latch and feed.

Lansinoh® LatchAssist® Nipple Everter for breastfeeding gently draws out flat or inverted nipples, making it easier for baby to latch and feed.

Key Features 

  • Draws out flat nipples for an easier latch.
  • Non-invasive, allowing baby to have direct nipple contact.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Two flange sizes included (19mm and 24mm) to ensure proper fit.
  • BPA and BPS free.
What's in the box 
  • LatchAssist® Nipple Everter bulb
  • 2 Flanges (19mm and 24mm)


Where can the Lansinoh® LatchAssist® Nipple Everter be purchased?
LatchAssist® is currently available through a wide variety of online retailers including,, and

Is LatchAssist® dishwasher safe?
Yes, the LatchAssist is dishwasher safe on the top rack.

Can the LatchAssist® be sanitized in boiling water?
Yes, it is recommended to sanitize the LatchAssist® prior to first use, and regularly as needed during usage. The LatchAssist® can be sanitized by disassembling and boiling all parts in water for five minutes. Please be sure that there is ample water in the pot, so that no parts touch the bottom or the sides of the pot, as this could cause them to melt.

When would a mom use the LatchAssist® Nipple Everter?
The LatchAssist® Nipple Everter is a device mom can use to help baby latch on to breastfeed when the nipple is flattened due to swelling or engorgement. The skin can stretch so much that the nipples, which may normally be everted or protruding, flatten making it difficult for baby to latch.

Does the LatchAssist® Nipple Everter come in multiple sizes?
Yes, the LatchAssist® Nipple Everter comes with two sizes: 19mm and 24mm, to accommodate most moms. The nipple should comfortably fit inside the flange tunnel without rubbing. If the nipple rubs, or if the entire nipple cannot fit into the tunnel, mom should use the larger size that is included.


LatchAssist® Nipple Everter
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