Washington Nationals

The Washington Nationals and Lansinoh have partnered to create the Lansinoh Nursing Lounge at Nationals Park in Washington, DC.

It was unveiled on August 6, 2015 during World Breastfeeding Week.

Although breastfeeding in the stands at a ballgame is any mom’s right, the ballpark now has an alternative area for moms who want one: a cool, quiet, comfortable space that provides privacy while allowing moms to keep an eye on the game. The Lansinoh Nursing Lounge at Nationals Park is conveniently located just off the first base line and offers areas for breastfeeding, pumping, and diaper changes, as well as a sink for rinsing pump parts, outlets for phone charging or other electrical needs, and a toddler play area. Of course, the lounge is also outfitted with TV’s so visitors won’t miss the action on the field!

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