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Overcoming Obstacles As A Covid-19 Era Community-based Doula

As a community-based doula, part of my job relies on building a trusting relationship with the moms I serve so they know I am here for them and their baby before, during and after labor.

Lansinoh's Clinical Pearls Series

Breastmilk Composition

Breastmilk Production

Cluster Feeding

Liquid Gold Delivered



Baby’s Stomach Sizes

10 Amazing Benefits of Colostrum

Golden Hour

Defense Against Infection

Oxysterols in Human Milk

Tools for Managing Early Breastfeeding Conditions

Techniques for basic breast massage and hand expression

Nipple and breast conditions

Early feeding decision tree

Signs of successful feeding

Managing Early Breastfeeding Conditions – full

Summary: Survey of UK-Based Mothers on HPA Lanolin and Breastfeeding Outcomes

Healthcare Professional Nipple Shield User Guide


The Significance of Teaching Hand Expression to All Breastfeeding Mothers

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HCP Breastfeeding Catalog

Birth Prep & Recovery Catalog

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