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Smartpump Double Electric Breast Pump

How many times does the Lansinoh SmartPump Double Electric Breast Pump cycle?

The Lansinoh® Smartpump™ Double Electric Breast Pump cycles 87-125 times/minute in the Stimulation phase and 37-95 times/minute in the Expression phase.

What is the suction range of the Lansinoh SmartPump Double Electric Breast Pump?

The Lansinoh® Smartpump™ Double Electric Breast Pump ranges from 55-140 mmHG in the stimulation mode and 80-250 mmHG in the expression mode. There are eight suction settings.

What is the ideal setting for maximum milk flow using the Lansinoh SmartPump Double Electric Breast Pump? 

Since every woman is different and each mom responds differently to breast pumps, there is no ideal setting that works for everyone. We encourage you to try different pumping rhythms and use the + and – buttons to find the most comfortable setting for you.

Can I use batteries with the Lansinoh SmartPump Double Electric Breast Pump? 

The Smartpump™ Double Electric Breast Pump can work with either the AC Adaptor (included) or with six AA batteries (not included).

We recommend using alkaline batteries only and not rechargeable batteries. Do not mix old and new batteries; replace as a simultaneous set. If batteries are in the pump, but your AC adaptor is in use, the pump will use the AC adaptor to power the pump. For the most economical use, we recommend using the pump with the AC adaptor that has been provided with the pump.

Do you have a car adapter to power the pump?

The Smartpump™ and Signature Pro™ Double Electric Breast Pumps do not include a car adaptor. A car adapter is available for purchase on or other online retailers

Is the Lansinoh SmartPump Double Electric Breast Pump powerful enough for daily use by a working mom?

The Smartpump™ has been designed for daily use, and it is certainly powerful enough for a working mom or a mom who will be apart from her baby for regular intervals.

How do I clean my Lansinoh SmartPump?

The breast pump parts are dishwasher safe. However, we recommend using the following instructions for cleaning and sterilizing to get the best results and to extend the longevity of use.

  1. 1. Disassemble the breastmilk expression set, setting aside the tubing and connectors.
  2. 2. Rinse all parts with cold water immediately after each use.
  3. 3. Hand wash all parts of the breastmilk expression set using warm soapy water. A nipple brush may be used to scrub the hard plastic pieces of the breastmilk expression set, but should not be used on the soft silicone valve or diaphragm.
  4. 4. Rinse parts with clean, warm water.
  5. 5. If you want to sanitize, place parts in a pot and cover with water making sure there is room for all of the parts to float freely in the pot.
  6. 6. Bring the water to a boil and allow the parts to boil for 5 minutes.
  7. 7. After boiling remove the parts from the pot with tongs and place on a clean towel to dry, covering the parts with a second clean towel.
  8. 8. Allow the parts to dry completely before assembly and use. Partially dried parts may affect the operation of the pump.
  9. 9. Once parts are dry the can be stored in a clean plastic bin with a lid or in a clean plastic zipper bag

Are Lansinoh products BPA-free?

Yes, all Lansinoh® products are BPA-free.

Lansinoh App

How many times does the Lansinoh SmartPump Double Electric Breast Pump cycle?

Find full pairing instructions here.

Why does the app ask to access my camera?

The app uses the camera to scan the QR code found on the bottom of the pump which pairs the pump with the app using Bluetooth.

How do you download the app?

You can download the app for iOS or Android.

What does the Lansinoh Baby™ app track?

The app tracks pumping sessions, breastfeeding sessions, bottle feeding, diaper changes, and baby's growth. It also provides an alarm to help keep track of your schedule.

How does the Smartpump™ connect to the Lansinoh Baby™ app?

The pump uses Bluetooth® technology to connect seamlessly to the app.

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