• Nipple Confusion

    Nipple Confusion

    “Nipple confusion” is one of those terms that health professionals and experienced moms throw around in intimidating fashion. But what is it exactly, why is it bad, and how can it be avoided? Nipple confusion is better defined as nipple preference, and it happens when a baby learns to prefer bottle feeding to breastfeeding. This can happen when baby has...
  • What is a milk blister?

    What is a milk blister?

    Have you had a blister before? Maybe a pair of new heels rubbed the wrong way or you logged too many miles on the treadmill?  That small, painful pocket of fluid under the skin is a blister.  Now take that image and erase it from your mind so we can introduce you to a whole new breed in the blister...
  • Back To Work Checklist

    Back To Work Checklist

    You’re moving into a new role as “Working Breastfeeding Mother.” This handy checklist will help to make the transition as smooth as possible. Immediately Congratulate yourself for providing your baby with the benefits of breastmilk. At Least Two Weeks Before Returning You’ve got a friend. Either in person or on breastfeeding message boards, connect with working breastfeeding moms to learn what...
  • Pumping Basics - When, Why, How

    Pumping Basics - When, Why, How

    You have the breast pump – now what? These tips, and a little practice, will go a long way in getting the most out of it. Pumping (or expressing) is a great way to provide milk for your baby when you need to balance breastfeeding with all the other things going on in your life. These tips, and a little...
  • Returning to Work

    Returning to Work

    <p>With no consistent – or guaranteed – maternity leave in the United States, moms who return to their jobs outside the home will need to bring pumping into their routine to continue breastfeeding. Regardless of when you have to go back, it is best to be prepared as early as possible. The best advice for breastfeeding success is to make...</p>
  • Choosing a Pump

    Choosing a Pump

    With many options and choices available, selecting a breast pump can be an overwhelming experience for the new mom.
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