• Tips for Pumping Breastmilk

    Tips for Pumping Breastmilk

    Pumping (or expressing) is a great way to provide milk for your baby when you need to balance breastfeeding with all the other things going on in your life. These breast milk pumping tips and tricks, and a little practice, can go a long way in getting the most out of your breast pump. Pumping generally falls into two categories: extra breastmilk for occasional...
  • Pumping & Flying with Breastmilk

    Pumping & Flying with Breastmilk

    Traveling with baby can be stressful for any mom, but traveling without baby comes with its own collection of concerns for breastfeeding moms.
  • Power Pumping: How to Increase Your Milk Supply

    Power Pumping: How to Increase Your Milk Supply

    The idea behind power pumping is to trick your body into producing more milk by rapidly emptying the breasts. It replicates what babies do when they are “cluster feeding” which is when baby is on and off the breast often so as to signal to your body to increase supply.  It’s not meant to replace your normal pumping routine; rather, it’s designed to enhance your milk supply within...
  • How Can I Donate My Breastmilk?

    How Can I Donate My Breastmilk?

    If you are pumping more breastmilk than you need for your family, you may want to consider donating it. Donating breastmilk is a personal choice, but it is a great service if you are willing and able to do it and can help so many babies in need. Lansinoh recommends that women considering breastmilk donation look to the Human Milk...
  • Weaning and changes in mood

    Weaning and changes in mood

    When you and baby are ready, it's good to know that you may experience a shift in mood.  It's common to feel sad or mildly depressed after weaning while others experience anxiety and mood swing, according to KellyMom. What causes these feelings? Breastfeeding stimulates the creation of hormones like oxytocin which is often referred to as "the love hormone."* Declines...
  • Nipple Confusion

    Nipple Confusion

    “Nipple confusion” is one of those terms that health professionals and experienced moms throw around in intimidating fashion. But what is it exactly, why is it bad, and how can it be avoided? Nipple confusion is better defined as nipple preference, and it happens when a baby learns to prefer bottle feeding to breastfeeding. This can happen when baby has...
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