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What to Expect At Your 20-Week Ultrasound

What to Expect At Your 20-Week Ultrasound

What to Expect At Your 20-Week Ultrasound

For most parents-to-be, the 20-week ultrasound appointment can be the most exciting because it’s when you can find out gender (assuming baby is in the mood to show).

Be sure to tell the technician right away if you DON’T want to find out the gender so they don’t accidentally reveal anything.

The 20-week ultrasound appointment is important for more than just finding out if you’ll be bringing home a baby boy or girl. This is a critical time for the doctor to see if the baby is developing properly, and the ultrasound technician will spend a fair amount of time viewing and measuring baby’s bones, organs, brain – even the amount of amniotic fluid.

How it Works

An ultrasound works by using high frequency sound waves to create an image of your baby in your belly. It may look like a black and white blur to you but the technician is well-trained and will help you understand where your baby is on the screen.

The technician will take all the required pictures and, in many cases, will need to record measurements. It’s good to know ahead of time that the technician isn’t allowed to make any medical statements, so don’t get nervous if they seem quiet through the process. The technician will make sure your doctor receives all the pictures, and you’ll discuss the results in follow-up conversations after the ultrasound has been completed.

You will need to have a full bladder when taking the ultrasound, so you may want to bring a water bottle with you to help keep your bladder full in case you have to relieve yourself while waiting.

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