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Top tips for bringing baby home

newborn baby in car seat

Bringing your new baby home after birth is an exciting event, but it’s perfectly natural for new parents to feel overwhelmed after they’ve left the hospital or birth center.

A little planning up front can help smooth the transition and calm the nerves of anxious parents. Here are our top tips for bringing baby home from the hospital:

  1. Get your questions answered before leaving for home. Don’t feel rushed and be sure to address any concerns you have, including those related to breastfeeding, bathing, and caring for the umbilical cord. Also ask about your own care if you had an episiotomy or a C-section.
  2. A child safety seat is required by law and is essential to keep baby safe on the way home. Many hospitals require inspection of the car seat before leaving the hospital.
  3. You’re going to be busy when you get home, so think ahead about your menu. Take-out is convenient, but can be expensive and isn’t always the healthiest option. Many meals can be prepared ahead of time to pop in the oven for an easy, healthy option.
  4. Make sure you have all of your baby care essentials organized for quick and easy access. You really don’t want to be rushing out for more diapers or nursing pads during your first week home.
  5. Wash, fold, and organize baby’s clothes. All those adorable outfits from the baby shower? Take the opportunity when you’re pregnant to wash, fold, and organize them by size. You’ll have plenty of other laundry to do once baby comes home!
  6. Take care of cleaning and organizing your home before baby arrives, so you can focus on your baby and your recovery.
  7. Think about your supporting cast and whether you want extra help from parents, in-laws, or friends. Choose wisely, especially early on, and invite those who will be most supportive and helpful.
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