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Celebrating Baby at a Baby Shower

Celebrating Baby at a Baby Shower

Baby showers are a great way to let friends and family celebrate your pregnancy.

Usually an excited grandma or aunt-to-be will offer to throw the baby shower in your honor, and don’t feel badly about asking a close friend or family member to help coordinate or host the event. Chances are they would love to do something but don’t want to step on anyone else’s toes.

Traditional baby showers are female-only affairs, filled with finger foods, diaper cakes, and baby games. But more and more couples are opting to do less formal events where both mom and dad are celebrated, and friends of both genders come. Speak up about what sort of baby shower you want – whether it’s just the girls decorating onesies, or if you want dad and his friends to join in on the fun with mocktails and corn hole in the backyard.

Be sure to complete a baby registry before invitations go out so guests know what sort of items you want and need. You may want to have the shower at the start of your third trimester. That gives you plenty of time to buy whatever you need that you didn’t get off your registry. You have enough going on, so no need to create more stress by waiting until the last minute!

We’re seeing more events where parents announce baby’s gender at the shower, which can help encourage guests to get more of the items off the registry instead of gender-specific clothing. But this only works if you can wait this long to find out the gender of your baby!

Like many other decisions you’ll make together, there’s no right or wrong answer – this is a chance to have fun and celebrate, so be sure to make it a party you’ll enjoy and remember!

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