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Announcing Your Pregnancy to Loved Ones

Announcing Your Pregnancy to Loved Ones

Letting friends and family in on your secret can be one of the most exciting moments during a pregnancy. There are countless ways to make the announcement memorable.

Regardless of how you do it, be sure to tell close friends and family first. You don’t want to offend Grandma and Grandpa should they hear it through the grapevine instead of from you directly!

Because most miscarriages happen in the first 13 weeks of pregnancy, conventional wisdom is to wait until you’re through the first trimester to share the news. Regardless of how and when you tell your family and friends, it is certain to create a memory that will stay with them their entire lives. Here are some ways to announce your pregnancy to your family and friends:

  1. Use Video. We know a couple who announced their pregnancy on The Today Show! While you may not be able to make it to New York City, you can still create a video message that is easy to share online and through email.
  2. Tie In Your Personal Interests. Did you and your partner go to school together? Do you cheer for the same NFL team? Find common ground in your household and then buy a baby item – perhaps a onesie or blanket – and give it as a gift to future grandparents, or share the picture.
  3. Little Shoes. One of our favorite pictures is of a pair of empty baby shoes in between the shoes of the parents-to-be.
  4. Give a gift. Buy a popular board book or a favorite from your childhood, and gift it with a card that says “Will you read this to me in (month baby is due)? I can’t wait to meet you!”
  5. Make it Seasonal. Use props with a headline that announces baby is coming. “We’re adding a pumpkin to our patch” in the fall or “We’re adding a stocking to our mantle” if you celebrate Christmas.

Pinterest is a great resource for even more creative ways to announce your pregnancy. Have fun with it and enjoy finally being able to share your news with your friends and family!

How did you announce your pregnancy? Share pictures with us on Facebook or Pinterest.

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