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When Baby Arrives

When Baby Arrives

When baby arrives, your life will be totally different. In fact, YOU will be totally different. For the rest of your life, you will be a mom. It's amazing!

It can be annoying when mother-in-laws and strangers at the grocery store stop to tell you how fast it all goes by, but it’s true! Before you know it you’ll be visiting preschools, doing back-to-school nights, and sitting on the sidelines at soccer games.

Tip for newborn babies: Consider starting a blog or a journal to record your memories and feelings, as you may not be able to remember everything that happens during your exhausted, new parent stage. Be sure to keep your phone or camera batteries charged so you can take pictures. Newborns grow and change so quickly! Be sure to back up your pictures on a hard drive too so you don’t lose them if your computer crashes!

Many new parents opt to do newborn photographs, typically taken 7-10 days after the baby is born. Newborn sleepy heads are at the perfect age for gently positioning in adorable poses.

Do your best to not overthink or get stressed out. Instead, immerse yourself in the experience and fully enjoy each moment welcoming your new baby. And there truly isn’t anything quite like breastfeeding, which allows you to slow the world down and enjoy some quiet and tender bonding time with your little one.

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