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Look Who's Talking - and Walking!

parents teaching baby how to walk

There are few moments more exciting than when baby says his first words or takes her first steps.

These are major milestones in any baby’s development and definitely cause for celebration (and videos!). Keep in mind that every baby moves at their own pace for both these milestones and you shouldn’t compare your baby to anyone else.

Before baby's first steps, make sure you’ve baby proofed the house. Remove hard edges or cover them up with cover guards. You’ll also want to move harsh chemicals from under bathroom and kitchen counters or put a lock on the doors. Stairs can be one of the most intriguing places for little people on the move, so make sure you put a gate at the top and the bottom, or put another plan in place to always monitor them near stairs.

You have probably been talking to your baby since they were in utero, and it is unbelievably rewarding when baby starts talking back to you. Babbling begins as early as six months, and many babies are forming words before their first birthday. Encourage speaking by talking out loud whenever you’re with baby. While it may seem silly at first to narrate your own activity, it will help baby absorb vocabulary words and communication skills.

By baby’s first birthday, they may have 2-3 simple words in their vocabulary – usually mama, dada, ball, and perhaps cat or dog if you have one at home. Over the next year, baby’s vocabulary will explode! You will be amazed by the rapid growth. By 18 months, he could have at least 20 words that he’s using regularly. And by 2, baby may be stringing words together into simple 2-4 word sentences.

Consider writing down their words as they add them to their vocabulary. Someday your child will ask what their first word is, and you will be glad you have it on record.

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