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Babys First Pediatrician Visit

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Learn tips before taking your new baby to the pediatrician.

Congratulations! Baby is finally here and you have been discharged from the hospital with firm orders to see your pediatrician within 3-5 days. No problem! You’ve already chosen a pediatrician and you make your appointment. With a few helpful tips, baby's first pediatrician appointment after birth will be a breeze and your doctor will thank you.

Pack a Diaper. Seriously, Pack a Diaper.

This may seem like a no-brainer but sleep deprivation can mean overlooking something as basic as packing a diaper. Babies are weighed naked and if their diaper is wet or dirty…well, let’s just say putting that back on may not go over too well. Given how frequently babies need to be changed, it’s a good idea to have several diapers with you when out and about. P.S. Don’t forget the wipes!

Use Technology to Help You Get Organized

The first few days at home can move at a dizzying pace and providing your pediatrician with relevant information can help them assess baby’s progress. While getting organized can feel daunting with your new schedule of feeding, diaper changing and napping around the clock, there are tools that can help. Try using an app. Download the Lansinoh Baby™ app and input baby’s birth stats including weight, length and head circumference (if you have it). Start tracking your breastfeeding sessions along with diaper output. Because you are nursing, the best way to “measure” if baby is eating enough is by keeping an eye on wet and dirty diapers. The app allows you to share this information directly with your pediatrician through e-mail or you can download, print and bring it to your appointment. Your baby’s doctor will evaluate baby’s weight gain, growth and development to ensure she is on track.

Asking Questions is Important

You are embarking on something new and there is a learning curve. Be patient with yourself and remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question when it comes to baby’s health and well-being. Write your questions down and bring them with you so you don’t forget them.

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Be Open and Honest

Always be honest with your pediatrician. Your pediatrician is part of your #babysquad and you will be seeing a lot of them over the next few months. As healthcare professionals, they need truthful information and details to provide the best care for you and baby.

A Light Blanket for the Win!

Toss a light blanket in your diaper bag to keep baby warm. Doctor’s offices tend to be cold and baby will spend some time undressed. It is much easier to wrap baby in a warm blanket than to try dressing and undressing them a couple of times during the appointment. Plus, you’ll get extra credit from your doctor for being so prepared. Like we promised, your pediatrician will thank you!

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