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5 tips for staying cool in the summer

5 tips for staying cool in the summer

Beat the summer heat with these made for Mama tips!

  1. Water: Ok, we're starting with the basics. You know you need it, but are you getting enough? The easiest way to know if you're hydrated is the color of your urine. Pale yellow means you're drinking enough while darker yellow means consume some extra fluid. If you're taking supplements with B vitamins - remember those can alter the color of your urine to a brighter yellow or greenish color too. Skip plastic bottles and go for something BPA free. Check Bustle's 13 best BPA-free water bottles list here!
  2. Skincare: Do you get home and wash your face immediately? Well, then facial mists  (like this Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist) are definitely for you! Spritz on during the day whenever you need a little pick me up like. Whether you're pregnant or nursing, it's important to be mindful of ingredients that are in your skincare products and avoid any with ingredients like Vitamin A and Salicylic Acid. like Check with your doctor if you are unsure!
  3. Clothing: Go loose over tight in the summer. Wear lightweight and breathable fabric in lighter colors.
  4. Fruit: Not only does fruit taste great, but it hydrates you as well. So, the next time you're at the store, try to add some fruit to your cart like watermelon, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Give them all a good wash before eating. Want something a little more exciting, try making your own fruit popsicles. Buy too much? Freeze and drop in your next smoothie. You can also add fruit to water to give it some flavor.
  5. Activity: Choose the coolest times of the day to exercise, run errands...anything outside.

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