• Expecting? 8 Breastfeeding Myths You Can Ignore

    Expecting? 8 Breastfeeding Myths You Can Ignore

    Friends, distant relatives, that random stranger in the grocery store… Rocking a baby bump means you’ll hear tons of (sometimes unsolicited) advice about new motherhood. Time to separate fact from fiction! Here, we debunk the most common myths about breastfeeding. Myth 1: There’s nothing you can do to prepare ahead of time It’s true – breastfeeding definitely takes two! But just because your little...
  • Got (Leaking) Milk?

    Got (Leaking) Milk?

    If your breasts are leaking, you are not alone! Leaking breasts are one of the very many under-discussed topics of motherhood but it is completely normal.  It is a sign your body is making milk and while it often happens shortly after you deliver, it can continue to happen throughout your breastfeeding journey. Guess what? Some moms don't leak and...
  • Adoption, Breastfeeding and IBCLCs

    Adoption, Breastfeeding and IBCLCs

    Breastfeeding is a real possibility! We know that breastfeeding is as much as about bonding as it is about nutrition and you might be excited to hear that if you adopt or have your baby through a surrogate, breastfeeding is a real possibility.  The process is called induced lactation, and almost 50% of moms who have not given birth can...
  • Breastfeeding After Breast Surgery

    Breastfeeding After Breast Surgery

    It's likely that you can still breastfeed! Whether you have had a breast reduction or have breast implants, it is likely that you can still breastfeed.  It all depends on how the surgery was performed.  With breast reductions in particular, the surgery is so advanced that surgeons can typically preserve lactation tissue.  With breast implants, If the implant is placed...
  • 7 Breastfeeding Myths

    7 Breastfeeding Myths

    Admittedly, we're big fans of breastfeeding so we want you to have the correct information. Here are answers to some common misconceptions.
  • Get Ready for Breastfeeding Checklist

    Get Ready for Breastfeeding Checklist

    Diapers – check! Onesies – check! If you’re planning to breastfeed your baby, take a look at this list of helpful items to have on hand. This is an exciting, albeit busy, time as you prepare to welcome your new baby. We’re here to support your efforts to breastfeed, so we’ve put together a few suggested items to have on...
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