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Are there foods you should avoid when nursing?

Are there foods you should avoid when nursing?

If baby gets gassy and fussy after nursing, and it may be related to your diet.

When you are pregnant your body transmits the nutrients from your diet to your baby and your amniotic fluid takes on the flavors of the foods you eat. So many moms find they can avoid dietary issues when breastfeeding by eating a diet similar to what they ate when pregnant.

Also be sure to consult your healthcare provide to confirm that there aren’t any underlying issues that may be causing baby’s gassiness. If you do find that there is something in your diet that is affecting your breastmilk and baby try cutting out one thing at a time.

For instance, if you eat a lot of spicy foods, try cutting them out to see if that helps. If you drink a lot of dairy, cut it out to see if that affects baby’s gassiness. Cut out one at a time and then wait a day or two and observe baby to see if the issue has cleared up. This way you are able to identify the food or food group that is causing the issue.

Additionally, it could be related to how baby is eating.  Some feeding positions can cause baby to swallow more air so you can try a more upright position like the football/Australian hold to see if that helps.

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